Sitesuma v.5.34.0

Sitesuma has been in continuous development since 2007, the release notes give an overview of what has been provided through each release.

Release Notes

  • Document Resources now have a configurable Display Date (defaults to created date).
  • Updated List Resource (and therefore Smart List plugin) to use new Document Resource Display Date.
  • Performance improvement: static content cache duration has been increased.
  • Performance improvement: render blocking JavaScript has been eliminated where possible.
  • The Rich Text editor has historically used <br /> tags for carriage returns. This release adds the ability to configure this behaviour so that <p> or <div> tags may be optionally used instead.
  • It is now possible to reuse the email address of a deleted user.
  • Minor bug fixes (tasks 19733, 19754, 20455)
  • (release linked to Sitesuma Service v 5.27)

Other updates