This is no ordinary author website, we created a global community for fans of the best-selling series, The School for Good and Evil, by Soman Chainani.

The launch of the site coincided with the release of the third and final title in the series. The site draws a continuous stream of new registrations alongside active members who have the opportunity to gain Ranking Points through their engagement with the site and special assignments. The largest audience for the site came from the US the series but it also has a significant following in the UK, Canada, Australia and the Philippines.

The School for Good and Evil - Screen 1

Given the young age of the users we prevent them from using profile photos and instead developed an Avatar Generator so that they can create a custom avatar using our kit of parts. Soman produces a regular series of videos under the name of EverNever TV. There’s a Reader’s Gallery allowing fans to submit their own artwork and an Entrance Exam to determine whether members are Evers or Nevers on enrollment.

Soman’s school tours are supported by press and educational resources available through the website.

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