Sitesuma v.5.53.0

Sitesuma has been in continuous development since 2007, the release notes give an overview of what has been provided through each release.

Release Notes

Numerous security enhancements:
  • If site is configured to force all traffic over HTTPS:
    • all cookies will be marked as secure.
    • a strict-transport-security HTTP response header will be added.
  • Addition of x-frame-options HTTP response header for all requests, not just Sitesuma templates.
  • Addition of x-content-type-options HTTP response header.
  • Addition of x-xss-protection HTTP response header.
  • "SameSite" attribute of all site cookies is now configurable.
  • Minor edge-case bug fix in error-handling logic (task 45413).
  • Upgraded .NET Framework dependency to v.4.7.2.
  • Upgraded jquery library dependency to v.3.3.1.
  • Developer: new site config settings:
    • InstallationValidationEnabled
    • CookieSameSiteAttribute
  • Maintenance tasks and bug fixes (tasks 44834, 44867, 45096, 45366, 45369, 45412)
  • (release linked to Sitesuma Service v 5.49)

Other updates