Sitesuma v.5.51.0

Sitesuma has been in continuous development since 2007, the release notes give an overview of what has been provided through each release.

Release Notes

New GDPR-related privacy features:
  • New feature: optionally force periodic validation of registered users' email addresses.
  • Optionally only send bulk emails to subscribers who have recently validated their email address.
  • Password-reset emails can now be sent from a different email address than the site's default from-address.
  • Password-reset emails are now sent immediately, and do not rely upon the underlying Sitesuma service.
  • Developer: new site config settings:
    • OnlySendBulkEmailToUsersWithEmailAddressesValidatedLessThanXDaysAgoSettingID
    • EmailValidationRequiredEveryXDaysSettingID
    • PasswordResetEmailFromAddress
  • (release linked to Sitesuma Service v 5.49)

Other updates