Sitesuma v.5.25.0

Sitesuma has been in continuous development since 2007, the release notes give an overview of what has been provided through each release.

Release Notes

  • New plugin: Document Upload
  • New plugin: User Directory
  • New plugin: Forum Board Summary
  • Back-end and front-end login controls can now display a "remember me" option
  • Updated Forum plugin to display user avatar images and link to user profile page
  • User Biography plugin can now use page "Display After Date" rather than default to last published date
  • Updated Breadcrumb plugin to include HTML5 microdata
  • Updated User Biography plugin to link to user profile page
  • Products are now sorted by date created, descending
  • Minor update to Search Entry plugin (task 13597)
  • Bug fix in Content Quality Checker
  • Minor bug fixes (Tasks 13527, 13793, 13794)
  • (release linked to Sitesuma Service v 5.21)

Other updates